Who We Are

Smarting up your malfunctioning device is what we live to do.  Many times we've seen that look in your eyes when you think you've lost everything due to a hardware failure or virus's shinanigans.  We love being able to turn that panic into relief and save your data from being lost.  Ultimately we're not here without you and we're here to make sure that when you need dependable and friendly a computer guy you'll be looking forward to your visit.

Our History

We've been at this computer thing for a while, with over fifty, wow has it been that long?  FIFTY years of experience in IT?  With that much experience we've likely experienced the issue you're having.  Chris Lahoda has been building computers, starting software and computer businesses, and managing IT departments for most of his life.  Erica has been developing and supporting software and building Websites for just as long.  We began our journey in the Shuswap starting a family owned software company and transitioned into an IT contracting company and opened our own computer store.  We moved to Quesnel a decade ago and have worked in the industry here and we're going into business for ourselves again.

Our philosophy has always been to serve the customer and to get people interested and comfortable with technology.  There's no such things as a stupid question, we're here to educate and to empower while we build a lasting relationship with every customer.